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Kids Stuff

Play Safe

  1. When possible walk with other children.
  2. Avoid situations where strangers may approach you alone, like an unsupervised play area, empty lots, abandoned buildings, bushy area of parks, creeks and riverbeds.
  3. If someone is following or frightening you turn around and get away. Run home or to a Block Parent home or the nearest public place such as a school, store, or office.

Home Alone

  1. A stranger is anyone you do not know well or don't trust, regardless of how they look.
  2. Remember adults don't ask a child's help to find a puppy or get directions.
  3. Never give the impression you are home alone if strangers telephone or come to the door.
  4. Never open the door for a stranger, and remember to call 911 if you feel in danger.

Internet Safety Tips for Parents

  1. Use safe search engines.
  2. Do not open e-mail, files, links, pictures or games from people that you don’t know or trust.
  3. Do not give personal information online!
  4. When using the Internet always use a pretend name or nickname that doesn’t reveal anything about you.
  5. Remember not everyone is who they say they are online; a friend is someone you know in person, not online.
  6. Do not arrange to meet a friend that you have made on the Internet unless one of your parents has been informed and will be present .
  7. If you come across something or someone that makes you feel uncomfortable discuss it with your parents.  
  8. Stay Safe and enjoy the internet!


Bullying is a big problem that affects everyone. Three-quarters of kids report being bullied at one time or another and even those who are not targeted suffer the negative consequences. Bullying makes school a place of fear by creating an atmosphere filled with stress and violence.

Bullying comes in many forms and can include acts done online, by phone, text, note or in person. Bullying can be emotional or physical. Threatening, name-calling or teasing is just as serious as hitting, pushing or any other form of physical harm.

Preventing a Run-In with a Bully

  1. Be Confident- Bullies pick on people they think they can have power over.
  2. Use the Buddy System- Two is always better than one. If you see someone being bullied, stick up for them, tell an adult or call the police.
  3. Don't Give the Bully a Chance- Avoid your school bully as much as you can. Don't stay home from school or skip class, but do take a different route if it means avoiding one on one interaction with the bully.

If you are Being Bullied

  1. Tell a trusted adult such as a parent, teacher or police officer.
  2. Ignore It- Bullies are looking for a big reaction
  3. Stand up for Yourself- Don't succumb to a bullies demands. Walk away, use the buddy system or tell an adult, however, doing what a bully tells you to will likely lead to further bullying.
  4. Don't Bully Back- Don't start a fight. Stay safe, and get help from an adult.
  5. Stay Calm- Try not to show the bully how upset or angry they are making you. This is their goal.

    Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 

Making Your Own Choices

Learning to make your own decisions, and trusting yourself to do so, is an important part of the teenage years. Right now, it may seem easiest to act the same way as your friends or to let you parents decide what is best for you. Although these people probably have your best interests in mind, the act of growing up is not always represented by just doing the right thing, but rather by making the right choices. For great tips and information visit www.youcanbereal.com


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