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October 2009, The Chatham-Kent Block Parent Program Inc. launched the “Glow Necklace Project”, a visibility project in which Block Parent homes in the city of Chatham distributed six hundred red glow necklaces to trick-or-treating youth.  This was a pilot project for visibility purposes showcasing this personal safety awareness and injury prevention program that was met with overwhelming success.  Over the next year this project was incorporated with National Block Parent Week locally as well as an increase in distribution homes not only in Chatham, but across Kent County. 

In 2011, forty-six Block Parent homes distributed “safety and visibility awareness”, the red glow necklace to all of Chatham-Kent geographically.  Twenty-five hundred necklaces were given out to area youngsters, quadrupling the amount given the first year.

In 2011, the project was named “Light Us Be Safe” by a grade 5 student, Kali Harris.

It is our goal to be able to fulfill the needs of each community within Chatham-Kent and maintain the momentum of this project.  In 2013, Block Parent homes are expanded the project distributed 3,500 glow necklaces on Halloween night!

Participating Block Parents activate the necklaces, and ask the child wear it over their costume, so the children will glow up and down their streetsIt should be considered “part of their costume” to help make them more visible to motorists in the dark, preventing accidents. Please visit sites as early as possible in the evening – as each home are only given a limited amount to distribute – FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.

We welcome media to take photos at Safety Glow Necklace Distribution Sites or Streets.

Everyone wants Halloween to be a fun, safe night for all the little goblins, fairies, ghosts and super heroes that come knocking on our doors.  As stated by Health Canada, regarding trick-or-treating, “children who are not accompanied by an adult are vulnerable to injury, bullying by older children or predators. Children running across the street and off the sidewalks risk a collision with a motor vehicle.” As an injury prevention and safety awareness program, Chatham-Kent Block Parent Program Inc. is trying to minimize these preventable risks by continued distribution of glow necklaces to children while trick-or-treating by Block Parents in the communities of Chatham-Kent.

If you can help support this project’s growth by donating to next year’s project to increase your communities “glow”, please contact us!



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