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Program Overview


For over 40 years the Block Parent® Program has worked to provide a network of police-screened, easily recognizable, safe homes for the members of our community to turn to in times of distress. With the launch of the new Block Parent® window sign in the fall, 2007, the Program has undergone a rejuvenation. Citizens are encouraged to take pride in their community and become involved in a program that prevents criminal activity and enhances the safety of their neighbourhood.

block-parent-signHow does the Program work?

The distinctive red and white sign displayed in the front window of a home lets people know that there is a safe place where they can seek help if they are hurt, sick or frightened. It also lets everyone know that the community is actively taking steps to protect its children and citizens. The Program, originally designed to provide assistance to children, now encompasses the needs of teens, adults and seniors as well.

Who are Block Parents?

Block Parents are responsible adults who volunteer their homes as a temporary refuge to someone in need of emergency assistance. Block Parent® volunteers care about the safety and well being of others in their community. All Block Parent® applicants are screened following the Block Parent® Program of Canada Inc.’s Safe Steps screening process, including a Police Records Check and Vulnerable Positions Screening.

What does a Block Parent® do?

Block Parents offer their help when someone feels that they are in a dangerous or frightening situation such as injury, illness, disorientation, fear of a bully or stranger, being followed, severe weather or harassment. Block Parents assist persons in distress by telephoning the appropriate emergency service (police, fire or ambulance) or contact person (parent, babysitter, guardian, etc.).

Where and When is the Block Parent® Sign displayed?

The Block Parent® window sign is placed in the front window of a home when an adult over the age of 18 years is available to answer the door. If the sign is not displayed, this does not mean that no one is home, only that help is not available.

Why do we need a Block Parent® Program?

Block Parents are paramount to creating safe and friendly neighbourhoods. They aid community police by providing a safe environment for people, especially children, to turn to when immediate assistance is needed.

How do I become a Block Parent®?

Interested participants can call 1-800-563-2771 or visit www.blockparent.on.ca for more information.



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