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Passport to Safety is a national health and safety awareness program that aims to revolutionize thinking among youth about on-the-job safety. Through Passport to Safety students challenge an on-line, no-fail "test" and earn a transcript verifying completion of the test to attach to their resumes.

The program builds on safety knowledge youth gain in public safety courses, teacher-led school programs, self-study and work experience. Passport transcript holders will possess the basic knowledge to help them say no to unsafe work, insist on job-specific training and exercise their rights and responsibilities at work.

Passport to Safety is not a substitute for the job-specific health and safety training that employers under provincial, territorial or national jurisdiction are required to give their workers. All employers must still provide the training necessary for each worker to be able to perform his or her job safely.

Currently, Passport to Safety is free for secondary students in Ontario.  Membership fees for over 150,000 students have been pre-paid by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. The Board recognizes that ensuring that youth know their rights and responsibilities at an early age WILL prevent injuries and illness - now, and through their working lives.

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